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Cover Girls Quilters
From infants to teens going off to college, our quilters offer warmth and comfort to everyone. 

For many, getting to the doctor or store is a hardship. Our drivers can help.

Flower Delivery
Bring flowers to hospitals, nursing homes and homebound people to brighten their days!
Light housekeeping can mean a great deal to people who can’t do it for themselves. We can help.
Help for Caregivers
Full-time caregivers sometimes need a break. We can offer them help.

Worship Assistants
Musicians, singers and worship assistants help to make our church services engaging and inviting.
Yard Crew
Neither summer sun nor winter cold will stop our crew from helping people to maintain their homes.
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Domestic Abuse Shelter
Food Pantry
Habitat for Humanity
Lutheran Social!!!

Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church is committed to helping people, both locally and globally.

Locally, our members are always working to help people in need. In recent years, Trinity members have helped countless people in our Rhinelander community - and we’re helping more every day! From shoveling sidewalks and raking leaves to driving someone to a medical appointment or delivering a home-cooked meal or quilt, Trinity members help people every day.

Trinity is working on a global scale, too. We have missionaries helping and spreading the good news of Jesus Christ across  the world.

Check out our Trinity teams if you would like to help, or contact us if you or someone you know needs help!

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